145P/Shoemaker-Levy 5

Reported observations:
2017 Nov. 22.99 UT: m1=15.7, Dia.=0.2', DC=1, ... 60-cm L (407x) ... Sandor Szabo (Hungary)
2017 Nov. 14.91 UT: m1=16.0, Dia.=0.1', DC=7, ... 60-cm L (407x) ... Sandor Szabo (Hungary) [Motion was checked after 30 min., I returned to it]
2017 Aug. 19.05 UT: m1=16.0, Dia.=0.25', DC=0, ... 0.60-m L (520x) ... Gabor Santa (Hungary) [Seen twice in this night. Datas estimated at the second time. Motion was detected in a half an hour period. Checked on a photo taken on the same night and same location by Ákos Nagy Mélykuti]