Reported observations:
2017 Mar. 26.81 UT: m1=14.7, Dia.=0.7', DC=1, ... 60-cm L (244x) ... Sandor Szabo (Hungary) [Motion was checked]
2017 Mar. 19.81 UT: m1=11.8, Dia.=2', DC=2, no tail, ... 20-cm SCT (80x) ... Carlos Labordena (Castellón, España)
2017 Mar. 15.87 UT: m1=10.8, Dia.=3.5', DC=2, ... 20-cm SCT (100x) ... Juan Jose Gonzalez (Alto del Trichero - Soto y Amío, Leon, Spain; Alt. 1190 m, 42º 46' N, 5º 53' W) [Sidgwick method. Tycho-2 comparison stars. Very faint and diffuse outer coma. Nearby field stars checked in DSS. Background star of mag 11.4 (Tycho-2) in coma. Mountain location, very clear sky. SQM: 21.4 at zenith]
2017 Mar. 15.79 UT: m1=13.2:, Dia.=1.2', DC=3, ... 33-cm L (114x) ... Piotr Guzik (Koskowa Góra, Poland; Alt. 810 m, 49º 45' N, 19º 47' E) [Rather faint and diffuse. SQM-L: 21.0 at zenith. Sidgwick method, APASS comparison stars]
2017 Mar. 02.15 UT: m1=13.6, Dia.=0.7’, DC=~1, ... 41-cm L (229x) ... Alan Hale (Cloudcroft, New Mexico, USA) [Very vague and diffuse]
2017 Mar. 01.83 UT: m1=13.7, Dia.=1.0', DC=2, ... 30.5-cm L f:4.9 (150x) ... J. P. Navarro Pina (Campos del Rio, Murcia, Spain) [comet very diffuse, Lm=5,8]
2017 Mar. 01.79 UT: m1=12.2:, Dia.=2.5', DC=0-1, ... 25.4-cm L (171x) ... Gabor Santa (Göd, county Pest, Hungary) [nelm:6, 36 deg above horizon, SQM=19.7]
2017 Mar. 01.76 UT: m1=13.8, Dia.=1.0’, DC=2, ... 60-cm L (244x) ... Sandor Szabo (Hungary) [Immediately seen, very diffuse, motion was checked]
2017 Feb. 25.87 UT: m1=11.3, Dia.=1', DC=1, ... 20-cm SCT (80x) ... Carlos Labordena (Castellfort, Castellon, Spain; Alt. 1000 m, SQM=21.6)
2017 Feb. 24.87 UT: m1=10.7, Dia.=3', DC=1, ... 20-cm SCT (77x) ... Juan Jose Gonzalez (Villasecino, Leon, Spain; Alt. 1220 m, 42º 58' N, 6º 01'W) [Sidgwick method. Tycho-2 comparison stars. SQM : 21.3 at zenith. Significantly brighter than expected. Very faint and diffuse outer coma. Limiting star magnitude near comet: 14.5 (Henden). Motion checked during a 45-min period. Nearby field stars checked in DSS. Mountain location, very clear sky]
2017 Feb. 24.808 UT: m1=14.2, Dia.=0.5', DC=3, ... 30-cm T (139x) ... Edwin van Dijk (Burlage, Germany; near sea level) [Sidgwick method. APASS comparison stars]
2017 Feb. 24.806 UT: m1=13.6, Dia.=0.8', DC=3, ... 30-cm T (139x) ... Reinder Bouma (Burlage, Germany) [Sidgwick method. APASS comparison stars. Faint, diffuse object with slight condensation. Field checked in DSS. Motion evident after some 10-15 minutes]