C/2016 N4 (MASTER)

C/2016 N4 (MASTER)
Reported observations:
2019 Apr. 05.90 UT: m1=18.0 CCD, Dia.=0.27', DC=2/, ... 0.20-m f/4 Schmidt - Newton + CCD ... Sergey Shurpakov (Observatory A98, Belarus)
2018 Oct. 17.08 UT: m1=12.6, Dia.=1', DC=2/, ... 25.4-cm L(190.5x) ... Alexsandr Morozov (Novozybkov, Russia) [method S, green zone]
2017 Nov. 14.80 UT: m1=15.5, ... 60-cm L (187x) ... Sandor Szabo (Hungary) [tried to see for half and hour, but NEGATIVE, must be fainter than 15.5 mag]
2017 Nov. 14.73 UT: m1=14.8, Dia.=0.35' (20"), DC=0-1, .... 0.40-m L f/4.4 (360x) ... Gabor Santa (Göd, Hungary) [comet is very dim but obvious, round, without condensation. 64 deg above horizon, nelm=5.6]
2017 Oct. 26.65 UT: m1=14.5, Dia.=0.3', DC=4, ... 40.0-cm L f/4.5 (257x) ... Seiichi Yoshida (Gunma, Japan)
2017 Oct. 13.88 UT: m1=13.7, Dia.=0.5', DC=4, ... 20-cm SCT (206x) ... Juan Jose Gonzalez (Alto del Castro - Aralla, Leon, Spain; Alt. 1720 m, 42º 54' N, 5º 48' W) [Field stars checked in DSS. Sidgwick method. APASS comparison stars. SQM: 21.1]
2017 Oct. 13.79 UT: m1=14.6, Dia.=0.4-0.5', DC=3-4, ... 0.40-m Dobsonian f/4.4 (257x) ... Gabor Santa (Göd, Hungary) [relatively big and diffuse, difficult to see]
2017 Sep. 25.71 UT: m1=14.6, Dia.=0.3', DC=3, ... 40.0-cm L f/4.5 (257x) ... Seiichi Yoshida (Gunma, Japan)
2017 Sep. 22.84 UT: m1=15.7, Dia.=0.4’, DC=2, ... 60-cm reflector (305x) ... Sandor Szabo (Sopron, Hungary) [A 16.5 mag starlike nucleus is seen. Motion was checked during 20 minutes]
2017 Aug. 21.94 UT: m1=14.8, Dia.=0.4', DC=0, ... 0.35-m L (351x) ... Gabor Santa (Hungary) [Bit difficult to see, but I'm sure its real. Movig was detected in a half an hour period. 15,4 mag stars were visible. In this night I got a clear view about NGC 7009 (Saturn nebula) with its lobes, and also about Campbell's Hydrogen Star, which had really, very-very red colour!]
2017 July 30.93 UT: m1=16.3 CCD, Dia.=0.22', DC=8, ... 25-cm reflector f/4.7 ... Sergey Shurpakov (Baran’, Belarus)
2016 Oct. 31.78 UT: m1=15.8, Dia.=0.25′, DC=4: 60-cm L (305x)... Sandor Szabo (Sopron, Hungary)
2016 Sep. 01.01 UT: m1=15.3, Dia.=0.25′, DC=5... 60-cm L (407x)... Sandor Szabo (Hungary)
2016 Aug. 27.01 UT: m1=16.5 CCD, Dia.=0.40′, DC=7/... 20-cm L f/4 + CCD... Sergey Shurpakov (A98, Baran’, Belarus)